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Gunnar Hansen Tegninger
Gunnar Hansen

About Nimbus Club USA

Nimbus Motorcycle Club USA consists of 117 members — and counting — in over 27 different states, with over 119 Nimbus motorcycles between us. We also have members in Canada and several overseas. We are the largest Nimbus motorcycle club in North America.

Members - North America
Kaj Pedersen President Seal Beach, California 1936 Nimbus
1938 Nimbus with 1951 Steib Sidecar — Vin# 3652
1947 Nimbus — Vin# 7498
1949 Nimbus with ACAP Sidecar — Vin# 8338
1950 Nimbus
Russ Bees Indianola, Iowa 1955 Nimbus — Vin# 13380
Henning Carlsen Grove City, Ohio 1951 Nimbus with sidecar — Vin# 9771
Robert Chambers Miami, Florida 1937 Nimbus with Nimbus sidecar
Freddy Christensen Posthumous Member Reno, Nevada 1948 Military Nimbus — Vin# 7591
John Christensen Reno, Nevada 1938 Nimbus — Vin# 4238
Niels Christensen Reno, Nevada 1953 Nimbus — Vin# 11825
Mark Christoffersen Sherman Oaks, California 1952 Nimbus with Bender-Florin Sidecar
1926 Kakkelovnsror (Stovepipe) with Nimbus Sidecar
Søren Coats Santa Cruz, California 1944 Military Nimbus — Vin# 5905
Virgil Elings Solvang, California 1936 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar
Steen Englyng Beaumont, California 1944 Nimbus — Vin# 6108
Doug Evans New Jersey 1952 Military Nimbus — Vin# 10562
Perry & Lone Fly Bolinas, California 1954 Nimbus with ACAP Sidecar — Vin# 12563
Bart Grelinger Wichita, Kansas 1951 Nimbus Special-2
Norman Grossberg Posthumous Member Tampa, Florida 1959 Nimbus (Current Owner - Member: Christian Svensgaard)
Leif Gyldstrand Laguna Niguel, California 1949 Postal Service Nimbus with Postal Service Sidecar
Bob Haessly McFarland, Wisconsin 1951 Nimbus — Vin# Frame #10308, Engine #13951, Sidecar #5981
Ed Hartman Columbus, Ohio 1950 Military Nimbus
David Jensen Creative Director, Webmaster Long Beach, California 1954 Nimbus — Vin# 12910
Jens Bak Jensen San Dimas, California 1950 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar
Johnny Jensen Member Emeritus California 1938 Nimbus with Steib Sidecar (Sold to Australian Resident)
Paul Jensen Council Bluffs, Iowa 1950 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar — Vin# 5624
Christen Kaltoft California 1945 Nimbus with ACAP Sidecar — Vin# 5906
Henrik Kam San Francisco, California 1951 Nimbus — Vin# 9879
Philip Kryck Member Emeritus North Plains, Oregon 1953 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar (Current Owner - Member: Dana Olsen)
Bob Lacey Los Gatos, California 1948 Nimbus — Vin# 7550
Allan Laugesen Solvang, California 1952 Civil Service Nimbus
Leonard Leach ??? 1952 Nimbus
Ted Lent & TJ Placentia, California 1959 Nimbus — Vin# 13985
Bruce MacDonald Silverpeak, Nevada 1951 Nimbus with ACAP sidecar
Art Miner Califon, New Jersey 1938 Nimbus — Vin# 4098
Miles Mushlin Hartland, Vermont 19?? Nimbus — Vin# ????
Michael Mutter Arlington, Virginia 19?? Nimbus — Vin# ????
David Nelson Lake Arrowhead, California 1942 Nimbus — Vin# 5612
Jorgen Brandt-Nielsen Peachtree City, Georgia 1954 Nimbus — Vin# 12616 with Nimbus Sidecar Vin# 5339
Dana Olsen Port Townsend, Washington 1946 Nimbus Sport — Vin# 6543
1953 Nimbus with ACAP Sidecar
Frants Poulsen Member Emeritus Nehalem, Oregon1942 Nimbus (Current Owner - Member: David Nelson)
John Rasmussen Member Emeritus Yorba Linda, California 1954 Nimbus (Current Owner - Member: John Madsen)
Greg Smedsrud Battle Lake, Minnesota 1947 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar
Jamie Spitzley Cambria, California 1957 Nimbus with Nimbus Sidecar
Andrew Tarnik Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 1954 Nimbus with 1955 ACAP Sidecar
William Thomas San Francisco, California 1954 Nimbus with ACAP Sidecar
Kris Thompson Lincoln, Nebraska 1952 Military Nimbus — Vin# 10571
Kjell Truedsson Williamstown, Massachusetts 1952 Nimbus with 1933 Steib sport-sidecar
Bob Tyson New Windsor, Maryland 1959 Nimbus — Vin# 15134
Eric Vontillius Tampa, Florida 1945 Nimbus — Vin# 6296 with 1946 Bender Sidecar — Vin# 1019
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Ed Olesen Oakville, Ontario, Canada 1947 Nimbus with Steib sidecar
1926 Kakkelovnsror (Stovepipe)
Ian R. Sandy Calgary, Alberta, Canada 1950 Nimbus — Vin# 8875
Darren Stomp Kingsville, Ontario, Canada 19?? Nimbus — Vin# 10542
Members - Global
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Vanesa Rizzo Santa Fe, Argetina 195? Military Nimbus with sidecar — Vin# 10722
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Per T Hansen Odder, Danmark 1938 Nimbus with 1940 Cykelbørsen sidecar
James Richard Jyderup, Danmark 1951 Nimbus with ACAP sidecar
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René Vallee Montpellier, France 1946 Nimbus — Vin# 5784
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Tormod Amlien Norway 1937 Nimbus with Custom Sidecar. Completed the King Croesus
Contempt for Death Tour
— Around The World on 70 year old Nimbuses.
Klaus Ulvestad Norway 1938 Nimbus with Custom Sidecar. Completed the King Croesus
Contempt for Death Tour
— Around The World on 70 year old Nimbuses.
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Tony Adams Guthrie, Scotland 1951 Nimbus — Vin# 10012
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Roger Jann Rebstein, Switzerland 1947 Nimbus with Sidecar
André & Nico Lanter Kronbühl, Switzerland 1938 Nimbus with ACAP sidecar